So you have an audience: Now what? Part 2 of 5

PrintA changing Landscape but still the same landscape

Although the avenues, mechanics and options of marketing have changed, the basics are still the same, find potential clients, learn about and connect with clients, convince potential clients why your product will help them better than others and than fill their need with your product. Notice, it’s their need, not yours.

Realize the more broad your product or service is will offer greater future benefits but a longer road to get to those benefits. Customers want to know what you have to offer, they want to know why they want or need it and they want to get on with their lives.

My particular toolbox of content is extremely varied, from selling art and creative services to travel writing and blogging about life and creativity. It is important, as I am learning, to define what product or information you are marketing and connect to your customers on their level.

This means, unless you’re one of the big companies that sell stuff and sell stuff well, you’re going to have to know who you are selling to. Your customer needs to know you’ll be there tomorrow and they need to immediately see the benefit of their time and attention.

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