Artbygordon: Social media – Profiles

What is Artbygordon

Artbygordon: Social media – Profiles
The Creative services of designer Steven Gordon Linebaugh.
An oil  painter and pastel artist,  long time photographer and writer, with a special interest in water and night skies. Inspired by nature and celebrating its mystery and beauty. See Artbygordon: Social media -Contact and Profiles below.

My Creative Purpose

Artbygordon for graphic design:
A creative service specializing in Infographics and Illustration to help businesses tell their stories in print, web and social media platforms.

Artbygordon for fine art:
An online gallery where you can buy original oil paintings, original pastels on paper and photographic prints. I am selling through Fineartamerica for the moment but am working on enlarging my sphere of options for art collectors and art licensing.

Artbygordon for creative writing, blogs and editorials:
A creative service specializing in writing copy for ads, text for blogs and commentary on travel and food.

Artbygordon: Social media –
Contact and Profiles

Artbygordon: Social media -Contact and Profiles
Homage to Gustav Klimt-by Artbygordon-this was a large commission


original oil on canvas commission
Artbygordon: Social media – Contact and Profiles

Please follow me on Facebook, let me know what you think of new paintings or photography. I would love to hear any feedback and if you get a chance, sign up for the newsletter for up to date news and products.

Artbygordon: Social media – Profiles

[email protected]

Google Plus page

Fine Art America


Behance Gallery


Phone: 214-862-1321

Other websites with artwork

Evolution River SeriesR.L. Claytoncovers








Artbygordon: Original oils on canvas, Original pastels on paper celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. Water and night skies are my specialties.