Art Celebrating Nature

Artist Bio: Oils, pastels, photography, graphic design, writing

Artbygordon: An Artist Celebrating Nature

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Artbygordon: Art Celebrating Nature
Artbygordon: Art Celebrating Nature

Steven Gordon Linebaugh is originally from New Jersey. Growing  up exploring forests and mountains of Pennsylvania
and North Jersey, from driving through the southern farmland that gave the state its name to fishing the long beautiful coastal beaches
of the Atlantic: He has always had a passion for art and nature.

Mediums of Choice

His two primary tools for creating art are oils on canvas and pastels on paper.  All work comes from. places he’s visited.  He and his son are avid traveler of the US and  his work deals with nature.

His  original art in oils have been described as a mix between realism and impressionism with older works  concentrating more on darkness while focusing more on light in recent paintings.

Focus and Passion:

Areas of expertise are the mystery of the night sky and the transparency of water.

His studies of water strives to capture layers as multiple dimensions with a richness of light and color. It is not simply seeing a pretty place, instead it’s the idea of experiencing the darkness of the depths of a stream or pond and the beauty of the reflections on the surface that mirror the landscape.

The other passion he paints is the night sky. The beauty and romantic feeling of stars on a bleak horizon to the silence and loneliness of the woods at night; these are all aspects of his artwork.

Besides painting and pastels he is a published writer and poet. He uses photography for both studying his subject as well a passion for capturing the moment on camera.

The places you will see in his work are varied: Colorado, Florida, Montana, New Jersey and many other states he has traveled to gathering images of nature.


Art Celebrating Nature
Art Celebrating Nature

Original oils on canvas, original pastels on paper, original electronic art, original writing and blog posts by artbygordon


Artbygordon: Original oils on canvas, Original pastels on paper celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. Water and night skies are my specialties.