Poetry and Prose

I put words with my own photos as well as illustrate for writers. I do book covers for writers and write ad copy for businesses with a concise, organic feel using my connection with people and love of psychology.

My work has been described as honest, open and inspiring.

Words and Pictures:

Photos and text of poetry and philosophy.

Words about Nature, travel and Creativity:

Artbygordon Blog: a blog about art, creativity, painting and upcoming series.

Life Creatively: Seeing life from a creative viewpoint

Travel Writing: Freedom to Roadtrip

Blood oranges on windowsills full of light,

Flowers in sunset catching last minute vibrance

I watched the sun slip beneath the concrete, 

as the gnarled silhouette of trees

bent and changed in the final throws of the electric hour

I watched a cat take his place in a window

a mist of a curious herb mingled with the flavor of chicken

grilling in the backyard

trumpet vines climbed warm white walls

as colors gave up all of their voice in tantrum

I sipped the energy like a glass of wine

white and fragrant the fading light

I explored long grey walkways, watched artist

paint on walls and pull works through press

flowers grew and tumbled out into the street

broken edges of the road

warning signs and couriers on bikes

I watched dogs investigate

and people in conversation

fragrant lattes in open windows as we passed

I was in Oakland, awake

the artist in me

fruits and vegetables, herbs like weeds

across the cold concrete, warm yellow flowers

my beautiful muse, all I need…

Artbygordon: Original oils on canvas, Original pastels on paper celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. Water and night skies are my specialties.