Water studies Original Oil and pastel

 Original Art in Pastels and Oils:
Oil on Canvas-20″x24
$1,000 unframed: Across the Water, Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma

Beavers' Bend Oklahoma, Original Art Oil Painting on Canvas
Original art in Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 Oil on Canvas, Copyright artbygordon 2020 $1,000 unframed

16×20 OriginalArt: Oil on Canvas – Lake Texoma, Texas. $750 unframed. Reflections on water.

Lake Texoma Original Art:  Oil on Canvas
Original art in Oil on Canvas
Original Oil on canvas: Lake Texoma: 16×20 $750 unframed

18×24 Original Art: Oil on Canvas – Turner Falls, OK $900 unframed. The depth and beauty of water.

Original Art: oil on canvas: Turner Falls, OK
Original art in Oil on Canvas
Price $900 18×24 Original Oil on canvas: Turner Falls:

18×24 Original Art:  Oil on Canvas – Petit Jean, OK $900 unframed. Water falls, a specialty.

Petit Jean Oklahoma, Original Art: Oil on Canvas
Original art in Oil on Canvas

Original Art in Pastel and Oils by Artbygordon

I have two specialties  in my original art in pastels and oils: the night sky and water. My tools are oils on canvas and Pastel on Paper. I want the viewer to feel every depth and temperature of the water.

It is not simply to capture the look but instead the feeling of the movement and the richness of colors seen with water as a magnifying aspect of a landscape.

Many of my studies  have come from life study of streams and ponds. I am a kayaker and fisherman as seen in several blog posts. My view of water is from painstaking studying of multiple aspects of water.

I love the mirror that it creates of the sky and the landscape but I am very much obsessed with the depths and how the colors change, watching fish move through the shadows when I was very young also inspired me to capture that feeling.

My love of waterfalls is another view of water also  how it changes and reflects the light and color. I continue to study and learn more about my subject.

Original Art: Pastel on Poster Board

Original art in Pastel on paper Galveston Shrimp boats.
Original art in Pastel on paper

For more info on kayaking and where the images start see my blog post

Artbygordon: Original oils on canvas, Original pastels on paper celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. Water and night skies are my specialties.