Latest Original Art Works on Paper

Original pastels on paper: Snapshots of Moments

Latest Original Pastels on Paper – Previous pastels were more about the realism than the colors and richness of the pastel. In this series of original pastels on paper, I was more interested in the feeling of the moment, they are snapshots of moments.

It is a little unnerving,  the brash  colors of greens and reds in a karaoke bar at night. I wanted to show the anonymous people, faces, blurred in the darkness and lights of different colors.

Karaoke Bar:

Karaoke at Rosies: Pastel on Paper
Karaoke at Rosies: Pastel on Paper – Artbygordon 2023

9″x12″  Black  Mixed Media Strathmore

I wanted to capture the darkness and the bright colors of the night sky. A tradition that seemed to be lost, the families gathering around watching fireworks-something that is so simple and yet so memorable.

Fourth of July 2023: The Fourth 2023: Fireworks in the Park, original pastel on paper- Artbygorcon

The Fourth 2023: Fireworks in the Park, original pastel on paper- Artbygorcon9″x12″  Black  Mixed Media Strathmore

In the links below are previous original pastels on paper I was interested In the idea of quick, accurate images. Over the years, I have perfected pastels for portraits as well as landscapes and seascapes.

Previous Pastel Studies: on the road

Pastels of portraits, landscapes, etc.

Artbygordon: Original oils on canvas, Original pastels on paper celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. Water and night skies are my specialties.