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  1. Created  09/23/2021

I have been writing both prose and poetry for as long as I could read. It has always been an outlet for my mental health and creativity. I would like to introduce a new series, a journal of sorts, creativity, art, wellness, a little bit of humor and what ever else I can find along the way,
any comments or suggestions will improve both of our experiences, so sit down, relax and make yourself at home.

Created 09/23/2021

A storm in Grand Canyon
Artbygordon 2021

The Grand Canyon at First Sight
Of the ages
carved on the backs of giants,
rushing surf of ancient seas
a whisper
outstretched and contained
beneath me

Grand Canyon
Artbygordon 2021

An air of decorum,
like a funeral, the hushed voice,
the deep reverence
they breathe, as a flock of ravens
rise and fall
just beyond reach
into the empty space
before me

Grand Canyon view
Artbygordon 2021

God’s fickle palette
Rich reds and pale muted tones
breathe in light
exhale shadow
the  indifference
of a tombstone,
or a sunset,
the shear edges
and infinite space
the canvas of God.

Grand Canyon
Artbygordon 2021

And God is a painter, no a sculptor,
The shear edge is mortality
And the distance is experience
How small we are, I put all my brushes away
What to say to a giant
That lies quiet before you
With nothing to say
With a mouth full of words
That will fill me for days….

Artbygordon: Original oils on canvas, Original pastels on paper celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. Water and night skies are my specialties.