Valentines from a Starbucks

Valentines evening at a starbucks, a sky darkening with no plans for the evening, just another day for a single person.

Still, I love Valentines day, even if I’m not part of it. One day that you say something a little special, be a little more kind to that special someone, even if corporations can make a profit from it, I’m okay with it.

Artbygordon Oil on Canvas

The truth, I’d be happy to buy the right woman a gift but I would hope she wouldn’t need or expect one on a specific day. I believe we need to act this way year round and because we don’t, we have to have a day to remind us.

In my opinion, kindness and showing someone how much you appreciate them shouldn’t be limited and if it is, one night of celebrating isn’t going to make a relationship any more special.

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So I sit here, hoping this post does not sound too melancholy, I am comfortable with being alone, it is by choice as I wait for the right person to start a new relationship.

I believe timing is everything and I am enlarging my scope of social interaction and getting more comfortable with every outing. I believe my soul’s complement is sitting at another coffee shop thinking the same as I am tonight.

Evening park Artbygordon Pastel on Paper

The sky outside is deepening blue contrasting with the yellow lights of local shops and cars passing by. The workforce is hustling home for evening festivities and I am still-sipping a cup of coffee and taking it all in.

It’ a strange feeling when time is not marching behind us keeping us on a schedule. Time is more fluid, it’s a little uncomfortable as it moves without borders of weekend or end of workday-my workday never ends and the week is seamless with weekends.

Roses Artbygordon

It’s easy to become disconnected from the world and that’s why I am continuing to enlarge my social circle. It can be a bit intimidating as you watch time fly by-it is the constant of the ocean tide-adding and subtracting with each surge.

I am slowly growing in my scope of what the future looks like and it has made me feel more present in the moment.

I guess it’s appropriate to be sitting here alone, watching the moment unfold at a starbucks, waiting for no one special who could be that special one. With more confidence than I have ever felt, I wait for that possibility of the future, someone that makes an unexpected stop at a coffee shop on valentines day.

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