Spring 2019: A Garden Begins

Fort Sill Oklahoma: Artbygordon copyright 2019

Spring is time for a new chapter that I’ve been avoiding. You watch the joy of your life grow like a seed you’ve planted, it grows away from you and it’s good. As my son goes off to the army this gardener is out of a job.

Canadian Geese Fort Sill Oklahoma: Artbygordon copyright 2019

My purpose has always been deeply grounded in art and nature. I raised two sons to respect nature and enjoy all its treasured moments. With my oldest son we would go fly-fishing and go on travels, with my youngest it was kayaking and fishing of which I learned more than I taught.

Wildflowers Fort Sill Oklahoma: Artbygordon copyright 2019

In recent years I have learned more about plants as I build wildlife gardens, all the blooms and plants are native and used for local wildlife. I choose host plants and nectar plants that grow with little water or care. 

Fort Sill Oklahoma: Artbygordon copyright 2019

I have counted more than 50 bird species and almost as many butterfly and moth species: the gardens are working. It is a great feeling to build something and watch wildlife come.

Iris from Wildlife Garden: Artbygordon copyright 2019

This year, the garden will be much of what grew last year. I am allowing the winners from the previous year to grow even stronger roots and adding complementary plants such as more milkweeds, dutchman’s pipe and herbs. 

Canadian Geese Fort Sill Oklahoma: Artbygordon copyright 2019

I’m going to show the different stages as the garden starts from scrubby overgrown mess to a bit more controlled. It is important for me to show how to maintain a wildlife garden that doesn’t drive the neighbors mad that’s the new idea this year.

I always find a metaphor in nature and especially gardening. I am finding a new path, choosing order over chaos, discipline over disorder and I’m excited about writing, photographing and describing the process. 

Garden Begins Sneak Preview: Artbygordon copyright 2019

If my son can go and learn discipline and structure, I am inspired that I can do the same. Wish me luck.

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