What’s NEw? Literally Happening this Moment…

Size Does Matter: I have painted small recently with the idea that I could get more accomplished but I usually envision paintings that are larger and the drama for me is better on a larger canvas.

At the Fair: 2019 Smaller painting in the works: Possible study. Artbygordon 2019

Self-Hanging: I’m moving away from the standard thin canvas that needs to be framed. I prefer the larger 1.5 width canvases that mount themselves with the edges painted dark blue or brighter depending on the painting.

Not saying I’ll never use the thinner canvases just for now I prefer the higher profile canvases.

The Shrike: Sold Artbygordon 2019

Immediate Satisfaction: In the past, a series was always a very long process. I would think about it for a year or so, sketch it out and let that set for a few years than one day I would start and that canvas would sit on the wall for the next year.

I have a short list of paintings and plan on clearing them out as quickly as I can. Not to get them done, instead to capture the immediacy of the initial feeling that inspired me to paint in the first place.

Paintings on the List: The rain barrel continues to be on the list and has been for probably 30+ years. The mystery of water and the depths of shadows I found in a next door neighbors rain barrel back before we were afraid of mosquitoes. It will actually be connecting to a current painting of night scenes immersed in nature.

Paintings at Opa in Rowlett, Texas. Painting on the left sold.

Dragonflies and Rain barrel: This is what this has become-now the series is in the works the dragonflies will be dancing on the surface while green leaves settle on the surface of the rain barrel-ghostly autumn leaves will be rising and falling beneath and the moon will reflect on the surface.

This correction on the rain barrel will add to a series in the works-Lacewings and Plums, Moth and Gecko, Wildflowers and Lightning Bugs and honey bees. I am buying large canvases now as they will be large and magical images of the night.

I want to capture that feeling of evening as a child, where the lightning bugs would rise in the early dusky evening. I have been inspired taking my dog out in the evening of the lacewings dancing and the rich green plums.

Older Terns painting: Oil on Canvas: 2013-Artbygordon

Another Series in the Works: This series started a few days ago and I plan on having 4 paintings in the series. The paintings are of sailboats with the richness of light in the distance, other elements are terns-a revamp of a previous the terns painting and a revamp of a very old catamaran pastel.

Gone is the excuse of time, I plan on painting everyday or night and at that painting quickly. The last two paintings I’ve painted have sold in the first week so I’m hoping not to break a streak.

I hope you will enjoy the new series and would love any feedback.

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