A love of passion vine: New products

I am in the process of creating a new series of notecards and possibly other products depending on the response.

I am officially a collector of passion vines-in the process of growing them from seed, maintaining a collection of 15 different varieties and learning what species can propagate from clippings.

The Red Passionvine: All of these plants are my own and the photographs are mine-it’s the idea of sharing a piece of my garden and little bit of nature for people to share with their friend and people they care about.
Cerulea Passiflora-a native variety that comes back every year and blooms regularly.

Purple passion-Lady Margaret Passionflower.
So many different sizes, shapes and colors are what I love the most about Passionvine and the fragrance is beautiful as well.
Yelllow Passion vine-Citrine

This isn’t actually a passion vine but part of the series for its unique and beatiful flower. Butterfly pea

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