Good morning God: start of a series

It’s funny how a simple walk with a dog can change how we see things around us. Since I’ve been walking the dog, I’ve met more neighbors than ever before, got to know their dogs and have learned to turn a routine into a purpose.

Routine, is a very strange thing for me anyway as it’s hard for me to develop much of anything into a routine. I wouldn’t consider myself flaky just distracted and maybe a bit undisciplined.

My son decided it was time for a dog to replace our previous dog of 16 years-the same amount of time I spent at my previous job. My first reaction was no, I knew the responsibility of having a puppy, the cost and the time investment and yet this beautiful puppy stole my heart.

My son leaves for the army and I’m left with the duty of raising a needy puppy. My biggest problem with life is not taking the time to stop and enjoy nature, the dog makes it easy to stop, even if in the past I fought the chore.

A simple task of walking the dog has turned into a series of writings about the simple act of stopping long enough to be present. My walks have become an impetus for me to connect with God and nature.

How could anyone say no???

I’m not sure where it’s all headed but just as the dog pulls the lead, I allow my path to find its way, I’m just more present and more available to a greater purpose and a deeper faith.

I hope people like the stories, pictures and insights of walking the dog and how the act has brought routine in writing a weekly post, exercise and a work at strengthening my faith and connection with nature.

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