Inspiration 2: Evening Sunflowers

This is a large pastel inspired by the image of a single light illuminating an upstairs room at a nearby townhouse in Rowlett-actually the scene was pretty much unchanged only simplified-there was a haunting atmosphere to the image. I like the idea of an image that keeps the viewer questioning the scene-who is in the room-there is a mysteriousness about the window in the darkness. The sunflowers brings your attention in and lead your eye along the fence.

Sometimes images create themselves and all the artist does is capture what they see-parts of the scene are simplified or exaggerated for the effect and to control the eye of the viewer and how they perceive. What is obvious to the artist is not necessarily what the viewer will see-they make their own impression from the image and hopefully a hint of what the artist feels remains with the final rendering.

Below is the second in the series, again a very large pastel. Each of these include plants that were my favorites in the garden, the sunflower and the passionvine-each are symbolic in their own right and although I don’t often paint flowers, the ones I choose tend to be significant to me-either I have them in my wildlife garden or they have a symbolic meaning to them. The passionvine represents Christ, although there is nothing specifically religious about the bottom painting, I like the passionvine for its uniqueness and symbolism.

I still feel like both of these will probably be revamped as paintings. My initial image of the bottom pastel was originally darker and the passionvines stood out larger and more vibrant. I kind of got lost in the clouds, I will paint probably a smaller version of it with larger flowers, a less awkward smaller house and a late evening time frame.