You can’t fake a relationship, it’s called spam, part 3 of 5

The whole premise of spam is to find the largest amount of contacts and indiscriminately send them what they may or may not need, it is throwing out a large cast net, no one appreciates getting caught in a net.

I don’t know many people who like to be tracked, to be cold called or inundated in mail of any form. Why do we think this is acceptable in an electronic format. It is obvious when a company is targeting customer #……., no one wants to be a number.

Especially with the work I do, I need to connect with clients that know I am there for their needs and can offer them something that interests them. Sometimes I lack the personal touch but there is always that question of who is real and who is a bot?

This is the place where we learn about each other, clients, mentors and colleagues connect with you and you respond, they connect you with other real people and so on. Again, it’s not a quick, get in and get out relationship, it is long term and it is a relationship that grows with time.

I consider now that I have an audience of people who are interested in my words, pix or photographs, I have to make sure I’m giving them useful or interesting content. Unfortunately, this is when even more time is necessary but at least it’s doing what you love, creating, collecting and sharing content.

You have an audience now what? Give them what they want and be there for them to find it.

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