Diverse Approaches to Creativity: Childhood Dreams from a Lover of Science

Here are four images, two are illustrator, very old images, one is a pastel and the other is an oil on canvas. The undersea image was an image I witnessed back in 1984 and it has taken this long to actually create it. Check out full story.

I am in between two very different states of my creativity-I have seen these images for years and this is the first time I’ve tried to sketch them out in Illustrator.

The images of bugs and fruit are childhood memories of growing up loving science and the atmosphere of the evening when the stars rise and the moon lights the sky.

The Illustration above is from diving back in 1984 at Shark River Inlet. It was 4 AM and the moon was shining through the water. What I wanted to capture was the rich darkness of blues and the deepest most beautiful version of Prussian blue I have ever seen.

I am in the process of working on surreal landscapes-they have been in my mind for many years and suddenly they are falling out of the woodwork.

The above are 4 more illustrations done in Adobe Illustrator. I will be continuing the series on Drunken Frogs.

Dallas Semiconductor: high-tech

This was a very interesting project. I photographed the image for the cover of a brochure but also created the GUI for a software where the different angles of both the bottom and top elements would spin and collect real-time data. It was a very interesting project.

I’ve had many opportunities to work with engineers and software developers to create functional GUI images and make their projects tell their own unique story.

The Short Form Catalog was in 1996-it was a collection of many different devices. I created the cover and the page layout and managed the printing.

The Wafer image is an illustration I created in Illustrator.

Southern Methodist University

Ebook for a pastor on faith. Graphic design of intro images, diagrams and illustrations for book.

Book Covers: Illustrations

Book covers and illustrations is one of my specialties. I create images that capture the story of the book, I work closely with the writer and have a small group of return customers.

This first group is by an author in Tucson name RL Clayton- check out his website-I’ve created several sites for him over the years.


I created a web site for this author. All of my recent book clients have been from word of mouth-it is important to build relationships with authors so we are both committed to the final product.

To check out his books in the Silk Series- Check his website-I also created the website.


Illustration is my passion and specialty

End equipment illustrations will help your business tell a story.
Make an end equipment specific to your business, as generic or custom as your needs dictate. You can develop a gallery of images to use in your social media campaigns to tell your story.

Illustrations can also turn into animated stories to further explain
a specific process or quality of your brand. Get engaged with your customers and tell your story with all the tools illustration and animation can make accessible, get a jump on your competition, get your story told.

Tshirt Design using IllustratorPoster illustration

Greeting card illustration

Graphic Design: Brochure, logo work.

Tricon Builder in Dallas: Brochure and logo work

Client wanted their graphic of the skyline cleaned up. Didn’t actually create the logo just cleaned up some elements. Created a 10 page brochure showing their buildings and photo retouching of existing images of buildings.

Logo update
Brochure for a local builder

Artbygordon: Original oils on canvas, Original pastels on paper celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. Water and night skies are my specialties.