The Depth and Intricacy of Water in Original Oil on Canvas and pastel on Paper

Original Oil on Canvas-20″x24
$1,000 unframed: Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma

Beavers' Bend Oklahoma, Original Oil Painting on Canvas
20 x 24 Original Oil on Canvas, Copyright artbygordon 2020 $1,000 unframed

16×20 Original Oil on Canvas: Lake Texoma, Texas. $750 unframed.

Lake Texoma Original Oil on Canvas
Original Oil on canvas: Lake Texoma: 16×20 $750 unframed

18×24 Original Oil on Canvas: Turner Falls, OK $900 unframed.

Original oil on canvas: Turner Falls, OK
Price $900 18×24 Original Oil on canvas: Turner Falls:

18×24 Original Oil on Canvas: Petit Jean, OK $900 unframed.

Petit Jean Oklahoma, Oil on Canvas
Original Oil on canvas: Petit Jean

My intention, when painting water is to capture multiple dimensions. From the simple reflection of the sky and trees and how the mirror breaks and divides, to the depths of stones and plants beneath the surface.

An old painting, that has never actually been finished but is on my list, is a painting of a rain barrel-as a child I felt like the leaves at the bottom of the barrel seemed like ghosts rising and falling in an in-between state of color and space. This and a love of waterfalls, started my passion for water.

A Celebration of the Night Sky in Original Oils on Canvas

I work in multiple layers that overlay each other and create a vibration between different tones. I then meticulously add and substract light and flecks of color so the stars appear to flicker as the viewer observes the painting.

The Neighborhood: 11×14 Standard 1/4″ thick canvas, original oil on canvas. $400

Original oil painting of a the neighborhood in Sachse Texas. This is when Woodbridge was just the golf course and the Vistas.

Moon Flower- original oil on canvas.

The Bus Stop: Original Oil on canvas
Original oil on canvas: The Bus Stop


Sporting Art: original oil Paintings and pastels from A Kayak

I am a kayaker, not the most agile one as you’ll see if you read the stories below. I love water, it’s what I paint and some of my best inspiration has been on the water in a kayak.

I enjoy painting the subtleties of water and how reflections change and become their own image while the depth beneath has it’s own intricacies.

This is what I love about painting water and why it has been a joy for me both through photography, oil painting, pastels on paper and writing.

These original paintings have already sold but I do commissions from photographs, etc. We can capture that moment and why you enjoy being out on the water, kayaking, surfing, etc.

Kayak Pastels and oil Paintings, sporting art
Original oIl paintings and pastels on paper of kayaking. A study of water and sporting, work available for commissions.

Lake Texoma 2018

16×20 oil on canvas

Lake Texoma 2018, from one of many trips to Lake Texoma.

Texoma  original oil painting for sale
Lake Texoma, oil painting on Canvas-Available for prints or for sale.16×20 standard 1/4 inch canvas. Painted in 2018. $600.00

This image of Lake Texoma was from a kayak-I enjoyed the colors and how you can see the bottom and the rich warm colors of the stones.

Original oil on canvas-16×20 standard 1/4 inch thick canvas. for sale $600. Prints available on request.

Catamaran on Lake Ray Hubbard

18×24 oil on 1 1/4 inch thick canvas

Original oil on canvas-18×24 standard 1-1/4 inch canvas. for sale $900. Prints available on request.

Sail boat on Lake Ray Hubbard
Original oil painting of sail boat on Lake Ray Hubbard, 18×24 for sale-sporting art series-$900.00.

This painting is actually a remake from a pastel sketch from Sandy Hook New Jersey, I created this years earlier. I liked the orange and yellow and how it reacted with the cooler colors of the water.

This series of sailboats and water craft were a departure from previous more detailed work, I concentrated more on the colors and the movement of water as expressed with looser strokes.

Blog posts from kayaking trips.

Navarre Beach

I would usually be shooting this from the kayak but in this case, Read More

Kayak view

This is the first kayak trip of our road trip and at this point I am rethinking the whole idea. I can’t say it was wonderful. 
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Lake Texoma, Back on the water

The last time I kayaked was the first time in the Florida surf. I lost a rod, got dumped beneath a wave and remembered how awkward it can be when nature makes a fool out of you.
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How fast time flies, a year of selling insurance, a new car, a year of building an art and writing business and here we are out on the water again. It’s been two years since I’ve been out on the water and I wish I could say it was smooth sailing.

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Writing Poetry and Prose: Nature, Business, Creativity, Politics, Religion, philosophy

I put words with my own photos as well as illustrate for writers. I do book covers for writers and write ad copy for businesses with a concise, organic feel using my connection with people and love of psychology.

My work has been described as honest, open and inspiring.

Words and Pictures:

Photos and text of poetry and philosophy.

Words about Nature, travel and Creativity:

Artbygordon Blog: a blog about art, creativity, painting and upcoming series.

Life Creatively: Seeing life from a creative viewpoint

Travel Writing: Freedom to Roadtrip

Blood oranges on windowsills full of light,

Flowers in sunset catching last minute vibrance

I watched the sun slip beneath the concrete, 

as the gnarled silhouette of trees

bent and changed in the final throws of the electric hour

I watched a cat take his place in a window

a mist of a curious herb mingled with the flavor of chicken

grilling in the backyard

trumpet vines climbed warm white walls

as colors gave up all of their voice in tantrum

I sipped the energy like a glass of wine

white and fragrant the fading light

I explored long grey walkways, watched artist

paint on walls and pull works through press

flowers grew and tumbled out into the street

broken edges of the road

warning signs and couriers on bikes

I watched dogs investigate

and people in conversation

fragrant lattes in open windows as we passed

I was in Oakland, awake

the artist in me

fruits and vegetables, herbs like weeds

across the cold concrete, warm yellow flowers

my beautiful muse, all I need…

Photo Retouch using PHotoshop

For many years I’ve been removing glasses from portraits, adding flowers to houses for real estate and adjusting and coloring images for print. Here are a few images to start and I will add more as I gather some older ones including portraits retouched.

Removal of cars and updating image to eliminate distractions.
Adding images to other images. Retouching color and adding shadows. Photo portrait.

Original artwork and Photography for Notecards

Order Bluebonnet Fence Note Card Now

Glimpses of nature through original art and original photography. Generic cards for any season or specific holidays. Blank on the inside for your own personalization.

Morning Glory: Viridian Dream Order Now

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Morning Glory: Blue Dance Order Now

Graphic images of nature that can be blown up as decorative, contemporary artwork. I mix abstract patterns with objects of nature to capture an image that will spark conversation among your guests as well as brighten up the room with unique images of nature.

Pipevine Swallowtail Order Now

Original paintings are transformed into works of art that can be shared for gifts or sent just to drop a note to someone special.

Sunflower Meadow Order Now

Ornaments: Original Hand-Painted artwork for home and office

Winter Pines: Order Now

Winter Pines: Original Acryllic Art on Glass Ornament for Holiday or just to add a little
nature into your home. This design will be repeated 50 times-each hand[-painted by the artist, numbered and signed. After 50-there will be no more of this particular design. Please allow
1 week as each design is created as it is ordered.

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It started out as an idea for Christmas ornaments. Some friends requested some and as I’ve painted more images I realized there might be another option for the ornaments.

Pine Needles in the Snow Order Now

Pine Needles in the Snow: Original Acryllic Art on Glass Ornament for Holiday or just to add a little nature into your home. This design is meant to be in a set of 5-each individually painted, signed and dated. Please allow 1 week as each design is created as it is ordered.

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Many people are trying to get closer to nature, doing Yoga, meditation and what I envision is small bits of nature that can be brought into the home. Affordable art that can be hung in your home and share a bit of nature year round.

Pet Ornament: Order Now

Pet Ornaments: Original Acryllic Art on Glass Ornament for a personalized gift for anyone who loves their pet. Each ornament is painted on fine glass and created as ordered from photographs.

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As I painted more images, the ideas came to me. Pet ceramics-puppies’ first Christmas, Babies’ first Christmas, Valentines and just about any other holiday or keepsake you can think of that you can hang in your home and enjoy a bit of art year round.

Wildlife Ornaments: My specialty is birds, in the snow or in a tangle of branches-Hand-painted original acrylics paintings. Again, this particular design will only be created 50 times and they will be numbered, although no two will be the same.

More Designs are in the works and will be updated on this page. Stay tuned. This page is still in progress.

I plan on painting some landscapes and seascapes as well. I know the night sky will find its way to ornaments as well as homage to master artists like Monet and Van Gogh.

Products for Sale: Artbygordon designs

This is the first of several articles about products from Artbygordon. I am in the process of showing art in local businesses and new art will soon be available online as well.

For now, I wanted to make available, graphic images for greeting cards, high-quality year-round ornaments to share a bit of nature in your home or remember a loved one or pet.

Original Holiday Greeting Card 2018

So how does the greeting card idea work? You send a photo or a general idea of what you would like-I will add the text, my own image or the image you are envisioning-it could be a pet image, a family image, etc. You get a high-quality, short run greeting card that is uniquely yours.

Dog card for a military owner

All cards are created by myself and hand-cut and folded, boxed and delivered to your mailbox just in time for the holidays. I am taking orders now from corporate and individuals for next Christmas.

Let’s make something wonderful that you can enjoy for seasons to come.

Original Greeting Cards created for Corporate and Individuals

$90 for initial design and 25 hand-cut cards, packed and delivered. Order before March 2019 and get a 15% discount on your first order.

Place Order Now: 

Find out more information about the ornaments and the various options available.

Cardinals Artbygordon 2018

Original Acrylic paintings on glass ornaments.

Hand-made, collector’s items, small pieces of nature art for holidays or even just a bit of nature to share in your home. Each design will only be recreated 50 times, they will be signed and numbered and than discontinued. These are original, acrylic paintings on glass ornaments.

Winter Moon

Artbygordon: Original oils on canvas, Original pastels on paper celebrating the beauty and mystery of nature. Water and night skies are my specialties.