Exploring the inner child

Sunflowers and morning glories over Hubbard

Just one visit to a Monet exhibit and I’ve found a different way to see or to render what I want to explore. I’m not arriving at one new place, it’s more like being unafraid to explore color and form freed of the restraints of realism.

Today was one of the most enjoyable times for painting, I’ve allowed strokes to be violent and free, allowed paint to glob onto the canvas and all I can say I’m allowing some play in my technique.

Alone Artbygordon 2019

There is a great freedom of moving paint around without a distinct image, in fact, the reason I don’t paint for long periods is the image hasn’t gelled enough. The figure staring across a landscape is a first in a series of blue hue paintings focusing on loneliness and isolation.

Just like an ice age, I am slowly coming out of quite a dark one and the light in the painting is a hint of light and hope. I am excited about my paintings combining with my words. Let’s see where this goes.