New Direction for Artbygordon: Rebirthing a Brand

A group of paintings and how they came to be.

Sporting art: kayaking and water art

I am a kayaker and much of my study of water has come from my time kayaking. The experience of emerging in nature, the silence and calm of the water, the many moods of the sky and the beauty and depth of reflections in the surface of a still lake.

I will start adding a new post and new information about old and new paintings. I’ll include the medium, size of the painting, availability of prints and commission work.

As new posts are added, the homepage will reflect the new images and new or old reintroduced paintings. I am grouping paintings into subject matter which is sporting art, original oils of water, original pastels of water and artwork of the night sky, both of which are my specialties.

I will have added options for new paintings and services and new posts will introduce a new or updated service or group of paintings.

kayakers, an introduction to a new direction for Artbygordon.
aPaintings of kayakers